Monday, July 19, 2010

Share Your Cup #3

For those of you who are just joining us, welcome!  We are a small community of people who pray for each other.  Every month I send out a little prize/gift to one winner chosen from the comment section (just my way of blessing someone).  If you would you like to know the origin of this blog, you can read my first entry Sharing Your Cup.  Please take some time to write a prayer request and know that you never have to go through anything alone.  We are here for each other.

This month I want to share a song that caught my attention.  I love the tune and the words are so true.

I am looking forward to praying for all of you again.  I hope this month some of you will share some Prayer Praises as well.  We have been praying for jobs, family members, children, and just for each other in general.  If you have a prayer praise, please share that with us.

My prayer praise is that my I did find a job where I feel God can use my gifts to bless people!!  Thank you for all your prayers.  It was a roller coaster ride for me, but  I felt so good to know that I was not alone while searching. 

This months little prize is:

Leave a comment/prayer request/prayer praise and you will have a chance to win this post-it-note!! 
I will do the draw on July 31st.   Thank you for sharing your cup!


Taylor said...

I praise God for another year of life (my bday was weds)...! I was blessed to have friends and family with me!


Lizzi said...

I want to ask prayer for an event I'm going to, that I'll sell a few items I'm taking along.

MYSAVIOR said...

I praise the Lord for always being there for me. He knew me before I was born, knows my life and when I will be with Him again.
I cannot live my life without Him.


myeuropeantouch said...

I praise God and thank him for ALL the gifts I have been given and to know they are not mine to keep, that I must share in his name.

Tracy said...

Hello! Thank you for visiting my photo blog today. You have a very beautiful, uplifting blog... and lovely shop too! The gift of gratitude... Each day I take time to count my blessings--they are many. Happy Days :o)

EL Gifts and Cards said...

Thank you for leaving all your praises and requests :) I prayed for all of you and appreciate your involvement in this community :)