Monday, September 6, 2010

Sharing Your Cup #5 - Meaningful Labour

I woke this morning on Labour Day making an effort to enjoy my last day of summer break.  I return back to work tomorrow to prepare for another year of teaching.

Many of us get up every morning dreading to leave the house to face another day at work.  Our labour seems to be taking up too much time and energy for us to really enjoy the things we want to enjoy.  But recently I have learned that God intends for us to enjoy the work we do.  After nine years of working, I finally sought out God's will for me.  Even though my plan for a "better" job was completely different than what he has given me, I realized that for the first time in nine years I am overflowing with excitement and joy when I think about going back to work. 

It took nine years of misery for me to have the courage to move with God.  It is not easy to make a move but for me it was definitely worth it.  How about you?  Do you love your work?  Can you give thanks and praise for where you work?  Or  do you need some prayers to help make a change ?  Share your story in the comment section, I would love to know and pray for you!

For those who love their job and for those who need encouragement to make a change, I thought you might enjoy this video "Labor Day Inspiration", I really enjoyed it myself:

As well at the end of this month, I will draw a winner from the comment section for this handmade prize:

Every month I send out a little prize/gift to one winner chosen from the comment section (just my way of blessing someone).  If you would you like to know the origin of this blog, you can read my first entry Sharing Your Cup.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I look forward to praying for you.